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Monday  /  September 13, 2021 / Featured / Personal / Music / Online

I’ve been messing around in Logic X for a bit of fun for some time. I’ve used other programs previously like Cubase and Digital Performer. On my M1 Mac Mini this is really a fantastic tool and a complete studio. I have an Apogee One that I still use as an instrument, midi and audio interface, though much of the music is created by writing notes, using samples and editing tracks. The audio SoundCloud embedding is built into the CMS. I can create as many rows of embeds on this content system entry.

I haven’t decided where any of this music is heading. Each track is a soundscape experiment at the moment and not considered a finished product.

This gear could also be easily used for setting up Podcasts and then using SoundCloud as the delivery system. Or I could record my stories and release them in an audio format. Food for thought.

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