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There’s been some interesting activity, particularly as the double vaccine rates rise in the Australian population. Apart from my daily bike ride, it has been ‘interesting’ being inside and not being able to go more than 5km in any direction.

Shows moved, cancelled, put back a year, a pain and some loss for me; a disaster for those who make their living putting on events and performing. I have very many friends, who understand the issue, who have still taken a big hit financially.

Personally I got in early on the vaccine thing, as my Doctor had a supply. I waited the advised amount of time and have had the second one in the bag for a few weeks now; because as annoyed as I am, Edward Jenner (1749 – 1823) was right.

I also wondered if I could add “Ordering from Woolworths Online” as a tech skill in my CV.

I work online, so I’ve kept busy, though seeing some smiling faces, and hearing some live sounds would make a lot of difference. It’s good to see you on the screen, just…you know.

Ok, that’s the scene!

Now though, I’m starting to get messages through and a lot of people are hopeful that it will be November, December 2021 for some shows and a better 2022. It all relies on ‘jabs in arms’ and providence.

Thanks to my Sshhmute, no one even knows I play the trumpet in my apartment building. I do though and my ‘chops’ are rock solid from 15 minutes to half hour a day of improvisation practice and exercises. If I had to play right now I’m ready to go. Trumpet is good, Flute is solid.

When I was younger, I used to get nervous playing in front of people. Not now. I love looking out over an audience from the most intimate room, to the biggest crowd. I love hearing what the musicians and DJs around me come up with and playing the part, or making something up on the spot.

It’s going to turn out how it’s going to turn out.

“How do you work with a team?”, is the office question; and I think of being on stage, or in a large brass ensemble, orchestra or band. There are a lot of moving parts to even the simplest performance. It’s a wonder.

What’s coming up?

Stephen from ‘The Men From Uncle’ sent me a message through Facebook Messenger about a gig on Saturday the 6th of November at the Moshpit. This is a small intimate gig and a nice one to start up with. Facebook Link

Men From Uncle at the Moshpit
Men From Uncle at the Moshpit

Just before this latest NSW lockdown I was going to do another gig with Eric Powell and Carl Cox for the Mobile Disco. This has been moved to Dec 10th and will be at The Ivy. Facebook Link

Eric and Carl's Mobile Disco
Eric and Carl’s Mobile Disco

It’s now 2022 for the Grapes of Mirth Festival at Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley Facebook Link

Maybe some others as time rolls on.

If you would like to see what it was like before: watch the video above and check out some more playing from the sound player below.

Previously I came back to trumpet playing after about a 25 year break.

Within memory, I’ve played with Carl Cox, Eric Powell, Alison Limerick & CeCe Rogers at Carl and Eric’s Mobile Disco and with Nikkodemus at the Riverbank Palais. I’ve appeared at the Adelaide Elder Park NYE Fireworks, the Tour Down Under and at the Adelaide Fringe. I’ve been on the high seas on Cruise and Groove and Rock The Boat and travelled to the Qingdao International Beer Festival in China for The Royal Adelaide Club (where I also got to play with Luke Million).

I’ve appeared at several Grapes of Mirth Comedy Festival gigs with DJ Pedro, and with so many others at gigs across the country.

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