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Sunday  /  September 26, 2021

Some Pictures of Virgil

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Here are some pictures of Virgil Reality.


Friday  /  September 17, 2021

Virgil Reality Live?

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There’s been some interesting activity, particularly as the double vaccine rates rise in the Australian population. It seems like there may be some gigs to play in the months to come.


Monday  /  September 13, 2021

Sound Sketches by Virgil Reality

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I've been messing around in Logic X for a bit of fun for some time. I've used other programs previously like Cubase and Digital Performer.


Thursday  /  September 2, 2021

The Smell of Poverty

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This story is from my experience working on the ‘Soup Van’ in Melbourne in 1999. It’s what it was like, though I’ve fictionalised the people. It was a very real series of Sunday nights during 1999 and gave me a lot of insight about circumstances, choices and what the difference is.


Sunday  /  August 15, 2021

What happens when someone tries to kill you?

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WARNING: This story is an account of a real and violent situation that happened to me several years ago. It is discomforting, though some people may find it especially difficult to cope with.


Sunday  /  September 27, 2020

The Love Letter

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I just want to tell you all the things that I find amazing about you, all the times that we couldn’t have been closer and how much I love you.


Monday  /  September 14, 2020

A selection of Videos

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Here are some videos from some amazing days and nights.