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I’m an online business professional specialising in Content, Customer Experience and Technology. I’m also experienced in AI Workflow Integration using the latest technologies. Generative AI, User Agents, “Human-in-the-loop” and “Legacy-in-the-loop”. I can help you with this range of skills. How? The answer is a career of delivering many successful projects using these skills. Check out my portfolio to see some of the things I've delivered. Click Here for my testimonials.

Virgil Reality Content Development and Strategy

Content Development and Strategy

I create content for blogs, articles, advertising copy, scripts, whitepapers and case studies. Also optimised website content, and eCommerce product descriptions. I can develop sales narratives, mission statements, unique selling propositions, and taglines. I collaborate with teams to optimise content and drive innovation. I can code Markdown that allows me to integrate with content management systems.

Virgil Reality Customer Experience

Customer Experience

I can help you create online customer journeys that encompass sales, service and engagement. I help understand customer needs, behaviours and pain points. I map the customer journey, from awareness, consideration, sale, support and loyalty. I help design tailored experiences that resonate with customers. Leveraging analytics and feedback loops, I allow for adaptation to evolving customer expectations.

Virgil Reality - Technology

Coding and Technology

I can deliver production ready code and build things in several areas. Particularly around Digital Advertising Technology, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, eCommerce, Websites, Data, Analytics, APIs and AI. I've integrated many diverse 3rd party products into online projects.

Virgil Reality User Experience

User Experience

I’m an experienced User Experience (UX) professional. My approach is a human-centred one emphasising empathy, creativity and iteration. I have great skills researching and understanding user needs, behaviours and experiences. My main toolkit is Figma, FigJam and Miro. I now use a component based atomic approach to ensure scalability and consistency. I leverage design frameworks like Fluent 2, Material Design, SwiftUI and others. I take a lean product based approach. Complemented by asset creation and visual design.

Virgil Reality Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

I can help you with your Google Analytics, Digital Advertising and other data. I can help you create meaningful dashboards and reports. These may cover advertising, website interaction, lead generation and eCommerce. I can integrate AI analysis and python code. I can help you uncover insights from data to guide business strategies and foster growth. I've employed data in applications such as automated content publishing and billing systems.

Virgil Reality Technical Writing

Requirements and Technical Writing

I can create technical documentation for applications, products, apps, and services. I have written grant, sales and proposal documents and presentations. I have technical knowledge that allows me to develop precise documentation that can be built.

Virgil Reality - Graphics

Graphic Design

I’m able to develop original, creative concepts. I’m skilled in using visual elements to tell stories. I can convey your messages in an engaging and effective manner. I can assist with brand identity, logos, colour schemes, typography, and visual styles. I can work with your existing visual style to create new elements. I can make brochures, flyers, posters, banners, digital advertising, packaging, and print. I can make catalogues, eBooks, presentation templates, business cards, envelopes, and more. I can design in-store graphics, menus, retail displays, web graphics, social media assets, email marketing templates, and video graphics.

Virgil Reality - Generated Voiceovers

AI Generated Voiceovers

OK this one IS new. I’m producing quality AI-generated voiceovers for various applications. I’ve been producing audio for videos, podcasts, eLearning materials, ads and more. I’m editing using experience to produce a better result. This innovative approach allows for quick turnaround times and cost-effective solutions.

Advertising Tag Lines

Coolkids Video Script

The Smell of Poverty Story

Detective Rabbit

Virgil Reality Google Analytics Certified Virgil Reality Google Ads Apps Certified Virgil Reality Mobile Experience Certified

Verticals I have experience with

I have experience in, telephony, banking and finance, advertising and media, publishing, FMCG, retail, classifieds (jobs, cars and houses), social networks, entertainment, education, healthcare and insurance.

Roles and Contracts I’ve held

My roles have included, Data and Innovation Manager: Switch Digital, Technology Director: MercerBell, Head of Professional Services: Emitch, Channel Manager Listing Products: Fairfax Digital, Senior Designer, Information Architect and Developer: Selenium Interactive.

I have held long term contracts for, Siebel/Oracle: Professional Services Lead, Online Billing, CruiseCo: UX Lead and Business Analyst, Inchcape: UX Lead and Developer, Toyota: UX Lead, Business Strategist and Developer, CareerOne: UX Lead and Business Analyst, Extend Media (Disney and Paramount): Business Analyst, UX Lead and Developer, News Corp (Carsguide/TrueLocal and others): Business Analyst, UX Lead.

Brands I’ve worked on

Google, Oracle, CommBank, Kikkoman, Disney, Paramount, City of Melbourne, Inchcape, Toyota, Mastercard, NRMA, News Corp, Tourism Australia, ADMA, Tag Heuer, BankOneAmerica, FleetBoston Financial, Vodafone UK, NAB, Telstra, Sydney Morning Herald, TheAge, Claude Neon, ANZ, Franklin Templeton, IBM, AT&T, Virgin, Australian Ballet, Medibank Private, Oohlala, Sheraton, Greater Union, Docklands, American Express US, HSBC Hong Kong, Ssangyong, Liberty Oil, Ticketek, KPN Dutch Mobile,,,, Channel 7, Foodland, TrueLocal, Cisco, Swisscom, BT, Telecom Italia, AAMI, AMP, Wells Fargo, Fairfax, Westpac,, Pfizer, Volvo, Unilever, BRW, Rolls Royce, BHP, Austrade, Fat Prophets,, City of Charles Sturt, Seek,, Crikey, Bata, Cabots, Coca Cola, Timberland, Officeworks, Country Road, Seppelts, Nissan, Nintendo, Merck Sharp Dohme, Mirvac, Abercrombie and Kent, Stuart Alexander and more.

Current and Legacy Toolkit

Content, Creative, UX Design and Prototyping

  • Current: Figma, FigJam, Miro, Adobe: Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Acrobat, Midjourney, Hugo Static Site Generator: with TinaCMS or Netlify, Shopify, WeWeb, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Google Docs, Logic X Professional.
  • Legacy: WordPress, Expression Engine, Craft, Drupal, Sharepoint.

Ad Platforms, Leads and Tagging

  • Google: Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google MyBusiness, Google Tag Manager
  • Programmatic: TheTradeDesk
  • Social: Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

Development and Integration

  • Current: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, JSON, Golang, Gin, Visual Studio Code, GitHUB, CPanel, AWS, Google Cloud, Zapier, Docker, Bootstrap, Google APIs: Maps/YouTube/Analytics, MySQL, BigQuery, MongoDB, Metabase, LookerStudio, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Server Side Cache.

Project, Collaboration and Business

  • Current:, Jira, Trello, Slack, Discord, Zoom, Google Workspace, Office 365, Xero, Docusign. MailChimp

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Latest Articles

Virgil Reality, Embracing the Suck.

Embracing the Suck

You suck. AI sucks. Change sucks. We always want new technology to work as well as mature technology. We’ve moved on from the bugs we had to endure, and the enormous social change that occurred. How do we cope with this?

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Virgil Reality, Are you an IT Failure?

Are you an IT Failure?

Jim Johnson (founder of the Standish Group) undertook research on IT project failure. This was in 1994. Jim and his team wanted to find out what was the cause of project failure and find ways to reduce it. By 2006 they had amassed a huge amount of data. In their 1994 report, they found that 84% of projects failed or had challenges.

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Virgil Reality, The Reality of AI Design.

What’s the Reality of AI Design?

Recently I’ve been experimenting with AI generative tools from a technical and workflow perspective. By ingesting the text, images and other digital assets of humanity, these large language and visual models are as much a mirror as an interesting technology.

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Virgil Reality, Paint it Black AI Workflow.

Paint It Black AI Workflow

Recently, I’ve been putting together some material for a friend’s band tour to Vietnam and Cambodia. This has been a great opportunity to try another AI Workflow experiment.

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Virgil Reality, AI Survivor. A practical guide.

AI Survivor. A practical guide

Now that the AI revolution is here, the clock is ticking for you and/or your business. The potential for job displacement, business disruption and increased competition is high. What should you be thinking about to adapt, innovate, and thrive, in this brave new digital world?

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Virgil Reality, Quantum Leap.

Quantum Leap

In a manner befitting its existence, Quantum Computing is here and also not. On the one hand you can’t buy one at Harvey Norman, on the other they’re already operating and calculating the mysteries of once intractable problems.

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Virgil Reality with Carl Cox and Eric Powell's Mobile Disco at the Adelaide SuperCars 2023

Virgil Reality with Carl Cox and Eric Powell’s Mobile Disco at the Adelaide SuperCars 2023.

Something about me.

I like science fiction books and learning new things. I like going to the gym up the street and riding my bike along the river path. I'm a musician and I play trumpet and flute. I like writing fiction.

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