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Thanks to all these people for giving these testimonials.

Project Manager
“Virgil has been an invaluable asset on many of my projects over the years. His voracious appetite for knowledge, encyclopaedic memory, sharp wit, and meticulous attention to detail consistently result in work of the highest quality. If you want the imaginative, extraordinary and innovative, then Virgil is your guy.”

“I have worked with Virgil for more than 10 years in various roles. He is a great talent and good person who gets the job done, even if you are not sure what needs doing! Whether it is a large site, the specification of a site, the build of a banner advertisement or simply helping me understand new technology, Virgil is always a star. I strongly recommend him.”

Vice President
“Virgil is one of the most creative and talented people I have had the pleasure to work with. Virgil has a desirable mixture of creative and technical experience that allows him to not only present and communicate his ideas and vision, but also design, develop, and deliver these concepts in a timely fashion. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Virgil again in the future.”

General Manager
“The King of the Content Management System. Virgil is an expert in many fields and highly proficient in countless more. I have retained Virg's services on several occasions and have never been disappointed with his results. As a web developer and technical architect his ability is second to none and the perfect man to engage whether you are in the early stages of technical planning or down to the wire in delivery. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Virg to anyone needing a sound technical resource and will undoubtedly use his services again in the near future.”

Marketing Director
“Virgil is an industry icon for online business. I have worked with him in different companies and appreciate his knowledge, creativity and experience in the digital space. He is great to work with and delivers tremendous value for any organisation he consults with.”

Business Owner
“Virgil is great to work with as he is able to translate a complex business issue into an easy-to-understand concept graphically. He is also extremely reliable, enthusiastic and has a real passion for technology.”

Lead Engineer
“During my time I worked closely with Virgil for a while. His commitment to the projects was outstanding and he has an immense knowledge of database development and site strategy.”

“I have hired Virgil many times in the past and would highly recommend him to any organization that is looking for great results from a content/marketing or web project. Virgil has the deep technical skills to get the job done and is constantly evaluating and staying up on the latest technologies. Most importantly, Virgil brings great personality and charisma to all projects, invigorating team members and winning over clients. There truly is only one Virgil Reality and I look forward to working with him for years to come.”

Global Head
“I would be supremely confident in recommending Virgil's services to anyone - they will get great consultancy, speedy results, quality code, an efficient system and database, with an eye for creative design, and friendly genuine service, without breaking budget. Virgil has a great personality and knows web development inside and out and gets the job done right, first time. He leads by example and is more than comfortable in the boardroom or the trenches.”

Startup Founder and Coach
“I worked alongside Virgil for almost 3 years while at Fairfax Digital, Sydney Australia. Virgil was hired as an insourced consultant to assist the Sales team with creative advertising solutions. Virgil's creativity, tenacity and technical knowledge was superior to any I had encountered beforehand. I would recommend Virgil for similar creative development / creative strategy roles in a similar dynamic and pragmatic environment.”

Group Advertising Director
“Virgil is an expert in his field who produces excellent work, at speed and at great value. His outgoing co-operative style makes working together a smooth and pleasurable experience.”

Business Owner
“I have worked with Virgil on a few occasions and he is great! Always on time and does a great job without fuss or fury.”

Global CEO
“There is no-one else like Virgil - one in a million! A brain the size of a small planet (and a gravitational pull to match), I have worked with him on just about everything from web site development, photoshop, advertising campaigns etc etc Quite simply a legend.”


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