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AI Workflow and integration

I was working on some AI projects late last year. Two involve generative audio for podcasts, video and help content. Another is a sentiment analysis model. In another, I'm running experiments in several mediums for a business integrating AI workflow. I’ve been downloading models, merging and training them using a tool recommended by the AI meetup group in Sydney. I’ve been exploring ‘Human-in-the-loop’ workflow.

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City of Melbourne

Senior UX Architect. A five month contract for the City of Melbourne helping the user experience team. I provided CX/UX and helped build prototypes of the interactions. I participated in meetings and presentations with the team. We mapped the user journeys for previous and emerging criteria.


EngageTV is a programmatic buying network. CTV, BVOD, DV360 and YouTube Advertising. I provided research, UX and Service Design. I wrote the Requirements Definition Document for the system. I created flow diagrams and wireframes. I built a brochure site in WordPress for the launch. I worked out combined reporting metrics and dashboards from the data sources. All presented in LookerStudio and Metabase. Agency: Switch Digital


UX Lead, Customer Experience and Business Analyst. A 200 retail outlet cruise travel group with all major cruise line APIs. A ten month redesign of the service, interfaces and the back-end booking system. I wrote the requirements for the project. A headless CMS architecture was eventually chosen for the front end. This integrated into the back end booking system; Odysseus. The system incorporated the B2C customer interface (with booking), a B2B Agent Portal (with tools and training) and a customer management interface for agents.


A 10 month contract as UX Lead to redevelop the dealer network online. 47 dealers with brands such as Subaru, KIA, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Isuzu. I polled stakeholders, conducted research, mapped user journeys and wrote requirements. I created wireframes and prototypes. Consistency was key in presenting functionality, vehicles (new and used), organising test drives, booking a service and managing vehicle ownership. I presented to the dealer groups who flew into New South Wales. I coded up the HTML/CSS/JavaScript for each brand group.


I was a UX Lead and Business Analyst. The 12 month project was a complete redesign of the Toyota Website. Also a CMS implementation (Sitecore) and an automated development pipeline for the vehicle hubs (Camry, Corolla, Yaris, Hilux etc). I supplied research, user journeys, requirements, wireframes and a UX prototype. I wrote help content, developed an approval process and presented to clients and teams. I coded the responsive front end code and some adaptive pages (about 200).


A twelve month contract as a Business Analyst and UX Lead redeveloping CareerOne. I polled stakeholders, analysed the current system and devised solutions with the team. I wrote the Requirements Definition Document (Business, Functional and Technical). I created new data structures for the service and helped integrate the contextual search. I created training materials, wireframes and development prototypes.

Disney/Paramount Pictures

Two projects for Extend Media in Boston. Magento Enterprise online stores for Disney and Paramount. I fine tuned existing UX, wireframes and member user journeys. I created Requirements Definition Documents. For Paramount I explored and documented cross-sell, up-sell opportunities. I coded up the front end code for both solutions. I presented my documentation and results to teams in Canada, US and India.

HTC OneDay

The team at Accelr8 devised a fantastic competition. Users registered their ‘OneDay’ Dream for a chance to win $25,000 AUD. I built the membership and content based site. The competition attracted 50,000 registered entrants. Celebrities participated as ambassadors for the competition and there were also weekly prizes. I put the site on dedicated hosting due to the traffic estimate. I also coded the front end HTML/CSS/Javascript and configured the CMS. The dreams incorporated videos, images, text, so there were a lot of moving parts.

Fairfax Digital

When I worked at Fairfax Digital I created 100 guides for the network. These were for customers, suppliers and internal teams. They covered products and services, help guides, general guides and internal training. They were online as well as in PDF form with professional layout and branding. I also provided templates for sales presentations. These were for the alliance and direct sales teams. I invented and streamlined online advertising placements. I started out as a Media Strategist and then became Channel Manager Listing Sites. I participated in a lead capacity on several other projects including Fairfax Classifieds.

Warehouse Ordering System

Stephen Salgo sales (now acquired) was the leading provider of hospitality supplies. Crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchenware, bain-marie, pots, uniforms, footwear and more. Approximately 9,000 products in total. I built a full catalogue system for all the products based on the print version that was being used. I built a data feed to load products and pricing into the site every day. This included personal pricing for member groups. They saw their price online. Users could search, create their order and submit it. The order was transferred to the warehouse for packing and delivery. 12 month contract.

Modern Boating Magazine

When I worked at Fairfax Digital I created 100 guides for the network. These were for customers, suppliers and internal teams. They covered products and services, help guides, general guides and internal training. They were online as well as in PDF form with professional layout and branding. I also provided templates for sales presentations. These were for the alliance and direct sales teams. I started out as a Media Strategist and then became Channel Manager Listing Sites. I participated in a lead capacity on several other projects including Fairfax Classifieds.

Australian Wine Annual

Jeremy Oliver tastes 10,000 wines every year and makes tasting notes in his database. I made some modifications to the database. The resulting tagged content was then imported into the layout program. This meant that all the formatting was in place, including colours and icons. This saved 50% of the time of manual publishing alone.

Carat Advertising Agency

I was contracted 3 times by Carat to work on pitches for IAG, Yum and Tourism Australia (all successful). My role was to create graphic design for the presentations, layout the presentations, create PowerPoint slide decks and refine the language with the team.

Siebel Oracle eDocs

I worked as a member of the professional services team at edocs. I used their proprietary tool to specify data ranges in flat file data for quick web delivery. This was for customer self service and online billing interfaces. Online billing of Banking, Telcos, Healthcare, Education and Insurance. I created UX/CX architecture and interfaces for many well known US websites. The company had 77 million billing customers looking at these interfaces worldwide. I also worked with the team creating an online billing publishing pipeline.

News Corp

I contracted 3 times on True Local, CarsGuide and Community News. I worked on projects increasing the effectiveness of online interfaces. This included sales promotions and service design. I created presentations, training and advertising material. I mentored the teams in these areas.

Audience Connect

I worked as Data and Innovation Manager at Switch Digital. Switch supplies Digital Advertising, Programmatic, Social, Search, Video and more. I streamlined reporting and insights for the company’s Audience Connect product. I improved the data visualisations. I surfaced the data in Metabase, Google Analytics and LookerStudio. I also busted issues that clients had and also advised on user experience.

Folio Gallery

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Software Experience

Content, Creative, UX Design and Prototyping

  • Primary UX: Figma Have used: Adobe XD, Axure
  • Charting: FigJam Have used: Lucid Chart, Excel
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva (also AI)
  • Content Management: WordPress, Shopify, WeWeb, Expression Engine CMS, Craft CMS, Drupal, Sharepoint, WIX, SquareSpace
  • Video Editing: Premiere Pro (also for transcriptions) Have used: AfterEffects
  • Document Layout: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs (slides, docs, sheets)
  • Audio Editing: Logic X Professional

Ad Platforms, Leads and Tagging

  • Google: Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, Google MyBusiness, Google Tag Manager
  • Programmatic: TheTradeDesk
  • Social: Facebook, TikTok and Instagram

Project and Collaboration

  • Primary Project:, Jira Have used: Trello, Asana
  • Collaboration: FigJam, Slack, Discord, Zoom, Microsoft Teams Have used: Miro, InVision

Development and Integration

  • UX/Site Testing: Broswer Stack, Code Validators, PageSpeed Insights, GT Metrix, Accessibility
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code
  • Primary Cloud/Hosting: Google, CPanel Have used: AWS
  • Coding Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Golang, Gin Some team and requirments exposure: React
  • Automation: Zapier Have used: Stitch
  • Technologies: Docker, Chrome Developer Tools, Bootstrap, DataSlayer, Omnibug
  • APIs: Google Maps API, YouTube API, OpenAI API
  • Databases: MySQL, BigQuery, Mongo DB
  • Source: GitHUB Have used: BitBucket
  • Integrations:Calendly, Vimeo

Data, Analytics, and Measurement

  • Analytics: Google Analytics (Universal and 4)
  • Data Visualisation: Looker Studio, Metabase
  • Data Transport: Stitch, DBT
  • Optimisation: AllinOneSEO, Yoast, Google SiteKit, WP Rocket Cache, Google SiteKit, Litespeed Cache, Varnish Cache

Business Tools

  • Office: Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides), Office 365 (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Business Platforms: Xero, Docusign
  • CRM:, HubSpot Have used: Salesforce
  • Email: Mailchimp


I have experience in, telephony, banking and finance, advertising and media, publishing, FMCG, retail, classifieds (jobs, cars and houses), social networks, entertainment, education, healthcare and insurance.


My roles have included, Innovation and Data Manager: Switch Digital, Technology Director: MercerBell, Head of Professional Services: Emitch, Channel Manager Listing Products: Fairfax Digital, Senior Designer, Information Architect and Developer: Selenium Interactive.

I have held long term contracts for, Siebel/Oracle: Professional Services Lead, Online Billing, CruiseCo: UX Lead and Business Analyst, Inchcape: UX Lead and Developer, Toyota: UX Lead, Business Strategist and Developer, CareerOne: UX Lead and Business Analyst, Extend Media (Disney and Paramount): Business Analyst, UX Lead and Developer, News Corp (Carsguide/TrueLocal and others): Business Analyst, UX Lead.


Oracle, CommBank, Kikkoman, Disney, Paramount, City of Melbourne, Inchcape, Toyota, Mastercard, NRMA, News Corp, Tourism Australia, ADMA, Tag Heuer, BankOneAmerica, FleetBoston Financial, Vodafone UK, NAB, Telstra, Sydney Morning Herald, TheAge, Claude Neon, ANZ, Franklin Templeton, IBM, AT&T, Virgin, Australian Ballet, Medibank Private, Oohlala, Sheraton, Greater Union, Docklands, American Express US, HSBC Hong Kong, Ssangyong, Liberty Oil, Ticketek, KPN Dutch Mobile,,,, Channel 7, Foodland, TrueLocal, Cisco, Swisscom, BT, Telecom Italia, AAMI, AMP, Wells Fargo, Fairfax, Westpac,, Pfizer, Volvo, Unilever, BRW, Rolls Royce, BHP, Austrade, Fat Prophets,, City of Charles Sturt, Seek,, Crikey, Bata, Cabots, Coca Cola, Timberland, Officeworks, Country Road, Seppelts, Nissan, Nintendo, Merck Sharp Dohme, Mirvac, Abercrombie and Kent, Stuart Alexander and more.

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