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Creating narrative for clients is a key part of my work. This includes requirements definitions, presentations, submissions, sales stories, research and brand narratives. I contribute articles exploring the state of current and emerging technologies, while also exploring the realm of fiction.

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Virgil Reality - Quantum Leap

AI Survivor, A practical guide

Now that the AI revolution is here, the clock is ticking for you and/or your business. The potential for job displacement, business disruption and increased competition is high.

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Virgil Reality - Analyse This

Asimov. The Zero Laws of Robotics?

While we’ve been concentrating mostly on future opportunities, it’s essential to also heed possible disruptions. Being aware and prepared for disruptions may also be key to leveraging the opportunities, ensuring we aren’t metaphorically or literally knocked over by a self-driving car in the process.

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Virgil Reality - Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

In a manner befitting its existence, Quantum Computing is here and also not. On the one hand you can’t buy one at Harvey Norman, on the other they’re already operating and calculating the mysteries of once intractable problems.

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Virgil Reality - Analyse This

Analyse This!

Google Analytics 4 is a significant reimagining of the structure, features and interface from Universal Analytics. It also introduces several new features such as event-based tracking, automatic data collection and machine learning-powered insights.

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Fictional Stories

In the works 'Detective Rabbit' and 'The Smell of Poverty,' I've explored AI Voice Generation and Cloning. Also Generative Images; experimenting with these mediums, and creating a video for each. The text, written by Virgil Reality, is original and human-generated.

Detective Rabbit

What happens if Law and Order and Winnie the Pooh were the same universe? In this parody by Virgil Reality we find out if Detective Rabbit can catch the perp (now with Generative AI Voice Version).

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Virgil Reality, The Smell of Poverty

The Smell of Poverty (now on Amazon)

The local council manages a commercial kitchen at the back of the hall I’m heading to. It was previously owned by a lodge or business association and now hosts senior citizens' meetings...

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